UP-Manila RPG is now open!!! :D

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UP-Manila RPG is now open!!! :D Empty UP-Manila RPG is now open!!! :D

Post  Rayne on Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:25 am

Okay.. para di naman boring ang buhay natin, I'm gonna start with an RPG here...

UP Manila Life: The Torture Never Ends

Okay, so the setting is UP Manila, school year 2009-2010.

1. You have to fill this up before you can officially join:
a. Name: (You can make up names. It would be better if you didn't use your own name... duh??)
b. Nickname:
c. Student Number: (make that up too)
d. Course: (you can choose from any course available in the UP Manila System.
e. Year: (yep... you can actually pretend to be a senior)
f. Class: (okay... so if you choose teacher, janitor, chancellor or any other position aside from student, it's okay if you don't fill up the Year, Course and Student Number)
g. Physical characteristics: (give us a picture of how your character looks like)
h. Traits: (short-tempered? Bossy? Kind??? Any trait? Specify... you can include talents.)
i. Background/History: (something about the character's family or life outside school... his/her past maybe?)
j: Dreams/Aims: (self-explanatory)

2. You can only role-play up to three characters.

3. Don't role play others' characters.

4. Language is set officially in English. Role-playing tests one's abilities to write situations and stories critically... practice for comm.. XD

5. No character bashing.

6. No double posting.

7. Sign up your character in complete detail.

8. Make sure that the situations are carefully intertwined.

9. Character relationships are allowed. Like, if your character has a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or any romantic tie with another character, as long as it's agreed upon by both users. Nothing serious.

10. You can kill a character. Yep... a student can die, get expelled, whatever whatever. If that happens (and only in acceptable circumstances), you can replace your character.

11. Character reputation points are also encouraged. Rules for this are as follows:
a. If you liked someone's post, hit the "Thanks" button in the upper right portion of his/her post.
b. Put in a Reputation Point for the post if you liked a certain post. For example if User 2 likes the way User 1 wrote his Role-play, then donate a Positive rep point. You can give up to 5 rep points. Nothing more. Be generous, but fair, in giving out points. Remember the golden rule. ^^


User 1

User 2
User 1: + 5 reputation points

c. However, if you don't like the post, put in a Negative rep point. Same procedure as above, just put it a ( - ) sign. If you get a neg rep for a post, don't whine. There might be something wrong with the way you write. So fellas, if you leave a neg rep, make sure you explain why peacefully.. ^^

d. Characters with the most rep points up until the closing of this thread's version shall receive reps from the admin and his/her name shall be put in the RP Hall of Fame for the next versions.

e. You can role-play a real person. For example, User 1 used Masaki Mitsuhashi as a character, who is our FBC. Just be sure you won't get complaints about it. Better ask for consent. ^^

f. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. If you have any complaints, please feel free to complain to me or any of the mods/tech supports here. Users may receive warnings and temporary bans for any misconducts. ^^

Enjoy! ^^


UP-Manila RPG is now open!!! :D Kbqhx0
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