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New Skin~! Empty New Skin~!

Post  Rayne on Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:25 pm

So, here I asked my online friend a favor to make a better skin for our forum, and here he made us one! Very Happy
Thanks Ryan!!! Very Happy AKA Hellboy.. be sure to send me more! Laughing

It's uber better than the other girly default one, eh? Laughing

If you're all confused by the set-up, it's actually quite simple. The user data is just found on the right side. Very Happy All the buttons and default setting bars are all the same! Very Happy You'll just know more if the user's online or not. No more of the green glowing thing, it states whether he/she is online! Very Happy


New Skin~! Kbqhx0
Set credits to the awesomest me!

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